Parking Mania 2


Proper parking has never been so fun



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Parking Mania 2 is a 3D driving game where instead of racing headfirst towards a finish line, your objective is somewhat more subdued. You must park very well. That's to say you'll be scored on your parking skills and how little damage is inflicted on your car. However, taking into account the design of certain levels, you'll quickly see where the challenge lies.

The gameplay in Parking Mania 2 requires a high level of precision. There's a slider in the right side of your screen where you control your car speed. There's also another slider on the left to control direction. Your aim being to park your vehicle without so much as a scratch.

In Parking Mania 2 you'll find just over a hundred different levels with more than a dozen different challenges. Plus unlocking new levels and cars has you completing entirely new missions. For example, when you unlock the Ronda car (one of those trucks with flame vinyls on it) you'll also be opening up access to 30 additional levels.

Parking Mania 2 is a fun driving game with nice visuals, a huge number of levels, and some fairly original gameplay.

Android 4.4 or higher required

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